Create Something from Nothing

We are a company building studio

Created for founders that have a passion, a dream and a desire to win.

For engineers and entrepreneurs

We work with the best technical founders in the Southeast and build big, meaningful, valuable companies.

Pre-product, pre-revenue

We provide a hands-on approach to defining, operating and scaling the business.

From idea to global company

Company building is more than just a love of transformative technology. We understand the full cycle of scaling from one employee and code on a laptop to hundreds of employees and thousands of customers.

More than capital

Beyond capital, we help with branding, developing product, building a team, cultivating partnerships, and engaging customers.

We like hard problems and new markets.

We are not afraid to chart new territory.

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Who We Are

TechSquare Labs is a team of entrepreneurs, founders, and technologists
working together to build big, meaningful, valuable companies.

Over the last decade as technology has transformed every aspect of our lives, we have help build seven different businesses.
Paul Judge
Born a Technologist, Raised on InfoSec, Grew into Sales and Marketing.
Allen Nance
Born a Salesman, Raised on MarketingTech, Grew into Coding.
Creating something from nothing is not just a slogan, its a way of life. Just like an artist or musician everyone involved in TechSquare Labs is passionate about the building process.

We have raised over $100 Million dollars for various businesses, executed 7 acquisitions, exited 4 businesses, but most importantly helped create over 700 jobs.

Ready to create something from nothing?

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Our Community

The name Tech Square is inspired by the area known as Georgia Tech’s Technology Square, a mixed-use development in midtown Atlanta that houses over 700,000 square feet of business, educational, research and retail space. It is the epicenter of technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Atlanta and the Southeast. The land that is Technology Square was originally purchased by Georgia Tech in 1997 and the development opened in 2003. Tech Square Labs was established in 2014.