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Innovation delivers new products, new companies and new markets.

TechSquare Labs is a team of entrepreneurs, founders, and technologists working together to build big, meaningful, valuable companies. Created for founders that have a passion, a dream and a desire to win. We work with the best technical founders in the Southeast and build big, meaningful, valuable companies.

Company building is more than just a love of transformative technology. We understand the full cycle of scaling from one employee and code on a laptop to hundreds of employees and thousands of customers. We provide a hands-on approach to defining, operating and scaling the business. Beyond capital, we help with branding, developing product, building a team, cultivating partnerships, and engaging customers.

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Recent activity from Tech Square Labs

Space: Coworking and Innovation Labs

We are announcing early registrations for co-working, private offices and innovation labs at Tech Square. .

The Atlanta Startup Guide

This 67 page document was featured on PandoDaily and has received over 30K views.

HackGT Hackathon

HackGT hackathon on Sept 19-21, 2014 brought 800 students from around the country to Atlanta and Georgia Tech for the weekend.



We provide entrepreneurs with 24/7 access to a work environment to harness their full potential and deliver on the promise of their idea.


Technical founders, repeat entrepreneurs and large corporations share the same desire to innovate, find product-market fit and scale businesses. We provide a hands-on approach to reaching those goals.


We are seed to early stage investors. We love to work with technical founders to help define the business and provide the funding to bring it to life.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

– Peter Drucker