CodeStart is a year long, residence based, full-time immersive coding, entrepreneurship, career readiness and financial literacy training program created by TechSquare Labs, The Iron Yard and The Atlanta Workforce Development Agency and Gifted Education Foundation. The program is designed for disconnected youth, ages 18-24, that demonstrate barriers to opportunity and employment.

Over the 13 month period, the students commit to a 12 week full-time, immersive coding bootcamp in which they learn . After successful completion, they receive career readiness, culture fit and financial literacy training. At that point, we work with the students to gain employment as a junior entry level computer programmer/developer/engineer in the form of a paid internship, apprenticeship or job. Once placed, the students participate in a part-time entrepreneurial pre-accelerator program for the remainder of the program which includes a demo day. At the end, we aim to create a new software programmer and a technical cofounder of a high growth startup.

CodeStart is the pilot program for Atlanta’s TechHire.

2016-2017 COHORT


Katiana Stephens
Coder, Yogi, Reader
Jaylon Breckenridge
Walker, Coder, Basketballer
Justin Thomas
Musician, Coder
Kevin Briggs Jr.
Musician, Coder
Aaron Francis
Music Producer, Pianist, Skateboarder
Tisha Sutherland
Archer, Dancer, Coder
Solomon Watkins
Athlete, Martial Artist, Tech Hunter
Sulton Elhadi
Traveller, Photographer, Coder
Daniel Lawrence
Musician, Basketballer, Transportation Enthusiast
Sonjtrez Tigner
Avid Reader, Meditation Master
William Sabb
Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Painter
Phillip Moon
Poet, Writer, Coder
Corey Shaw
Basketballer, Reader, Coder