Atlanta Startup Battle Announces Top Five Finalists

Emerging Companies to Pitch Their Big Idea to Top Investors

The Atlanta Startup Battle’s judges released their picks for the top-five tech startups, competing for $100,000 in investment today. The finalists were selected from over 400 entries of diverse and innovative technologies. The founders will pitch their idea in front of a sold-out crowd and will be judged by a panel of active venture capitalists with investment portfolios including Facebook and Dropbox.

Host Judge, Allan Nance, states, “It’s not easy to build something from nothing. Developing a company from the ground-up, on the premise of an original idea, is true innovation. These startups stood out by their use of algorithms to solve big problems, and these solutions have the potential to impact millions of lives.”

In partnership with TechSquare Labs, the competition provides a year of dedicated space and incubation for the winning team. The midtown innovation hub has also extended year-long memberships to the finalists who competed last Saturday in the mentor-led session. The five finalists, selected on Saturday by investors Allen Nance and Dr. Paul Judge, will present their idea in front of a live audience on April 13 th at 6:00 p.m. at TechSquare Labs.

The five startups selected to compete are:

Cinchapi – Founded in 2016, this intelligent data platform is built for real-time exploratory analytics and automation.

Cytiflife – With the power of the “Internet of Things” technology, this AI and IoT-based service on college campuses is designed to transform how students learn, play, and stay productive.

Drofika – This cloud-based drone platform for heavy industry combines automated aerial analytics with collaborative tools for analyzing and sharing drone data.

FitSpot – Your favorite workout is just a tap away with this experiential in-office fitness program for dynamic companies, making wellness personal and data driven.

TCPoly – A breakthrough in heat dissipation, this product is an advanced plastic that can dismiss heat, allowing electronic devices to run cooler.

The winner of the battle will be decided at the end of the live competition and announced with an audience of over 250 startup founders, 80 investors, and 100 students in a rooftop celebration.

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