Entrepreneurs First, Investors Second

We are successful entrepreneurs who operate an early stage venture fund, investing in technical founders solving difficult engineering problems.

Since 2016, we have invested in 21 portfolio companies that employ over 500 team members, have raised over $200 million in follow-on venture capital, and today generate over $75 million in revenue.

Technical Founders

We believe that technical founders, engineers, hackers, and builders see the world differently. 

IP Orientation

We invest in novel solutions to complex problems that we believe are defensible.

Financial Security

We target investment amounts that enable a team 12-18 months of focused building.

Our Portfolio

Are You A Founder Looking to Raise Capital?

Atlanta Startup Battle

If you have not previously raised funding, and do not have a term sheet from an active investor at this time. 


If you are currently raising a round, or have investors who are committed to funding your startup. 


If you have an advisor or friend who knows us or our partners and can vouch for the venture you are building.